ECOSUMMER: ECOsystem approach to SUstainable Management of the Marine Environment and its living Resources


  • Please check that you are eligible to apply for a Marie Curie early-stage training placement.
  • Identify a project area that is within the general scope of the training site theme.
  • Contact possible supervisor(s), referring to the list of staff available at the host institutions. If in doubt about who to contact, write to the Training Site Co-ordinator.
  • In consultation with the supervisor(s), write a project proposal. The proposal you submit should have been approved by the supervisor(s) before it is submitted.
  • Submit your application to the Training Site Co-ordinator. The format for applications is described below.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Selection Committee within 2-4 weeks of the next closing date and you then will be informed of the outcome.
  • There will be closing dates every 6 or 12 months during the next 2-3 years, depending on the rate of uptake of training places.



    The application should consist of the following documents in Word or pdf format.

  • Your Curriculum Vitae (maximum 2 sides A4, using text no smaller than Times font size 12 and allowing margins of no less than 2 cm).
  • A project proposal (maximum 4 sides A4, using text no smaller than Times font size 12 and allowing margins of no less than 2 cm). This should include:
  • The project title, your name, the name of the supervisors and the duration of the proposed project.
  • BACKGROUND - the rationale for the proposed project
  • METHODOLOGY, including a timetable for the programme of research
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY (if appropriate)
  • The names of two academic referees. You should ask your referees to send us their references by the relevant closing date.
  • If any part of the application is missing your application may not be evaluated.





    The Selection Committee will judge all applications, following criteria as described below. They will take into account the quality of the candidate as well as the quality of the proposed research. Programmes involving stays at more than one partner centre will be favoured and the programme of research must be such that there is a reasonable expectation of generating publishable results. The Scientific Committee may suggest or require modifications to the research proposal if some elements are judged to be impractical or inappropriate.

    The Committee will judge all applications, taking into account:

    The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.

    Applications will normally be reviewed every six months. If the number of good applicants or training months requested differs from the total allotted for the relevant round of applications, the Selection Committee may decide to make more/fewer awards than planned and, if appropriate, amend the schedule of application rounds.


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