EnviEFH: Environmental Approach to Essential Fish Habitat Designation

Here and as they become available, EnviEFH Maps and fisheries-environment relation maps will be listed and be available for downloading as image products.

Initial preliminary EnviEFH map products include:
  • First EFH Map for Anchovy in Hellenic waters (July 2004, draft)
  • MPHMED survey (Catalan coast). Image for Anchovy eggs EFH distribution (July 1993, draft)
  • LLUCET survey (Catalan coast). Image for Hake eggs EFH distribution (November 1999, draft)
  • LLUCET survey (Catalan coast). Image for Hake larvae EFH distribution (November 1999, draft)
  • ARO survey (Catalan coast). Survey points in relation to Marine Productivity Hotspots and Mesoscale Thermal Fronts (June 2000, draft)
  • N. Aegean survey (June 2005). Anchovy presence survey points in relation to gyre mapping (June 2005, draft)
  • ECOMED acoustic survey (2003) (Spanish Mediterranean coast). Images for initial data from W. Med. and Anchovy/Sardine adult EFH distributions for C. and E. Med. (December 2003, draft)
  • Verification Test: EFH Anchovy (June 2006, N. Aegean Sea)

    ***Final EnviEFH map products (through articles to appear in Hydrobiologia Special Issue, fall 2008):***