EnviEFH: Environmental Approach to Essential Fish Habitat Designation

Project No: 022466
Acronym: EnviEFH
Program: FP6
Call: FP6-2004-SSP-4
Instrument: SSA - Specific Support Action
Duration: 27 months (December 2005 - February 2008)
Activity: SSP-4 FISH-1.3 Task 13.3 - Identification and mapping of Mediterranean habitats

D02: EnviEFH Leaflet (PDF 160KB)

***New Additions:***

  • First EFH Map for anchovy in Hellenic waters (July 2004, draft)
  • Kick-off EnviEFH Meeting Report and Minutes (Crete, March 13-15, 2006) (draft pdf)
  • EnviEFH Consortium photos
  • D03 Report (Inventory of relevant data sources - Draft)
  • D04 Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge - Draft)
  • Short-Group Working Meeting Report (Barcelona, May 12-15, 2006) (draft pdf)
  • Short-Group Working Meeting in Iraklion-Crete (May 17-22, 2006)
  • Verification Test: EFH Anchovy (June 2006, N. Aegean Sea)
  • Description of GAM procedure for the extraction of environmental ranges (draft pdf)
  • Second EnviEFH Meeting Report and Minutes (Crete, May 09-11, 2007) (draft pdf)
  • Upcoming Special Issue of Hydrobiologia on Essential Fish Habitats (Provisional Table of Contents in pdf)
  • Publishable EnviEFH Executive Summary for Year 1 (one-page pdf)
  • EnviEFH Technical Leaflet through PROFET Policy (two-page pdf)
  • October 2008: Special Issue of Hydrobiologia on Essential Fish Habitat Mapping in the Mediterranean
  • Watch dissemination movie (in Greek) -- need flash player