Major EC-funded research projects:

  • (1996-1999): FP4: FAIR-950419 FIGIS: Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Fisheries Resources, their Environment and Exploitation in the Mediterranean Sea: Experimental Uses of Geographical Information Systems (total budget: 1.60 million ECU)
  • (1997-1999): FP4: ENV-4960355 ABDMAP: Algal Bloom Detection, Monitoring and Prediction
  • (1997-2000): FP4: FAIR-CT96-1520 CEPHVAR: Environmental, Genetic and Biological Variation of Cephalopods in European Waters

  • (2002-2005): FP5: QLRT-2001-00962 CEPHSTOCK: Cephalopod Stocks in European Waters: Review, Analysis, Assessment and Sustainable Management (total budget: 0.9 million ECU)
  • (2002-2005): FP5: EVR1-CT-2001-20010 MAMA: Mediterranean network to Assess and upgrade Monitoring and forecasting Activity in the region
  • (2002-2005): FP5: INCO-MED-ICA3-CT2002-10003 MEDCORE: From River Catchment Areas to the Sea: A Comparative and Integrated Approach to the Ecology of Mediterranean Coastal Zones for Sustainable Management (total budget: 1.43 million ECU)

  • (2005-2008): FP6: 2004-SSP-4 DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs: EnviEFH: Environmental Approach to Essential Fish Habitat Designation (total budget: 0.90 million ECU)
  • (2006-2009): FP6: 2004 Marie Curie Actions HRM Activity: ECOSUMMER: Ecosystem Approach to Sustainable Management of the Marine Environment and its Living Resources (total budget: 1.70 million ECU)
  • (2007-2010): FP6: 2004-STREP DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs: SARDONE: Improving Assessment and Management of Small Pelagic Species in the Mediterranean (total budget: 1.10 million ECU)
  • (2010-2011): FP6: ERA-NET DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs: REPROdUCE: Understanding recruitment processes using coupled biophysical models of the pelagic ecosystem (total budget: 0.62 million ECU)

  • (2009-2011): FP7: DG INFSO U@MareNostrum: Strengthening Public Participation for Water Protection and Management (total budget: 0.60 million ECU)
  • (2010-2012): FP7: PEOPLE Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship: EFH-GIS: The identification and mapping of Essential Fish Habitats using Geographic Information Systems (total budget: 0.15 million ECU)
  • (2009-2012): DG Environment LIFE+ 2007 NAT/GR/00285 Nature and Biodiversity: Concrete Conservation Actions for the Mediterranean Shag and Audouinís gull in Greece including the inventory of relevant marine IBAs (total budget: 1.79 million ECU)
  • (2011-2013): MARE/2009/05-LOT1-Mediterranean: MAREA-MEDISEH: Mediterranean hAlieutic Resources Evaluation and Advice: Mediterranean Sensitive Habitats (total budget: 0.5 million ECU)
  • (2013-2014): MARE/2009/05-LOT1-Mediterranean: MAREA-STOCKMED: Stock units: Identification of distinct biological units (stock units) for different fish and shellfish species and among different GFCM-GSA (total budget: 0.5 million ECU)
  • (2012-2015): FP7-Ocean of Tomorrow: TROPOS: Modular multi-use deep water offshore platform harnessing and servicing Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical marine and maritime resources
  • (2013-2015): FP7-ERANET-SEASERA: CIGESMED: Coralligenous based Indicators to evaluate and monitor the "Good environmental Status" of the Mediterranean coastal waters
  • (2013-2015): DG MARE-MSP: ADRIPLAN: ADRiatic Ionian maritime spatial PLANning. ADRIPLAN Flyer --- ADRIPLAN Transnational Conference and Stakeholders Workshop February 28, 2014, City of Rijeka, Croatia.
  • (2014-2017): EU ERASMUS+: SeaofSkills: Taming the sea of fishers' knowledge, skills and competences.

  • (2016-2020): EU H2020: ClimeFish: Co-creating a Decision Support Framework to ensure sustainable fish production in Europe under climate change.
  • (2021-2025) EU H2020: SEAwise Shaping ecosystem based fisheries management (total budget: 8 million ECU, HCMR: 0.558 MECU).

    Recent National-funded research projects:

  • (2003-2006): GSRT COMPETITIVENESS: FP25-IMAS-Fish: Development of an Integrated Management System to support the sustainability of Greek Fisheries resources (total budget: 1.80 million ECU)
  • (2006-2007): GSRT INNOVATION: FEROUSA: Adaptasion of aquaculture production to environmental characteristics of marine ecosystems (HCMR budget: 10 kECU)
  • (2007-2009): GSRT INNOVATION: Migration modeling of pelagic resources in the Aegean Sea with the use of satellite imagery (total budget: 0.20 million ECU)
  • (2013-2015): GSRT ARISTEIA II: HYPOXIA: Benthic pelagic coupling: hypoxia and regime shifts (total budget: 415 kECU)

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