Hydrobiologia Special Issue on Marine Ecosystems and Sustainability
Volume 670, Number 1, July 2011: Hydrobiologia special issue on Marine Ecosystems and Sustainability (Guest Editors: GJ Pierce, VD ValavanisContact Information, BM Santos, JM Portela).

Table of Contents
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  • Preface: European Commission’s Marie Curie Action ECOSUMMER
    Graham J. Pierce, Vasilis D. Valavanis, M. Begona Santos, Julio M. Portela

  • Ontogenetic allometry of the bluemouth, Helicolenus dactylopterus dactylopterus (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae), in the Northeast Atlantic and Mediterranean based on geometric morphometrics
    Rebeca Rodriguez-Mendoza, Marta Munoz, Fran Saborido-Rey

  • Variability in behaviour of four fish species attracted to baited underwater cameras in the North Sea
    Inigo Martinez, Emma G. Jones, Sarah L. Davie, Francis C. Neat, Ben D. Wigham, Imants G. Priede

  • Assessing Octopus vulgaris distribution using presence-only model methods
    Consuelo Hermosilla, Francisco Rocha, Vasilis D. Valavanis

  • Environmental drivers of the anchovy/sardine complex in the Eastern Mediterranean
    Isidora Katara, Graham J. Pierce, Janine Illian, Beth E. Scott

  • Assessment of the deep water trawl fishery off the Balearic Islands (western Mediterranean): from single to multi-species approach
    Beatriz Guijarro, George Tserpes, Joan Moranta, Enric Massuti

  • Spatiotemporal patterns of marine mammal distribution in coastal waters of Galicia, NW Spain
    Evangelos Spyrakos, Tania C. Santos-Diniz, Gema Martinez-Iglesias, Jesus M. Torres-Palenzuela, Graham J. Pierce

  • Fine-scale genetic structure of bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncates, in Atlantic coastal waters of the Iberian Peninsula
    Ruth Fernandez, M. Begona Santos, Graham J. Pierce, Angela Llavona, Alfredo Lopez, Münica A. Silva, Marisa Ferreira, Manuel Carrillo, Pablo Cermeno, Santiago Lens, Stuart B. Piertney

  • Survey and management of mussel Mytilus species in Scotland
    Patricia Joanna Dias, Stuart B. Piertney, Mike Snow, Ian M. Davies

  • Application of a bioenergetics growth model for European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) linked with a lower trophic level ecosystem model
    Dimitris V. Politikos , George Triantafyllou, George Petihakis, Kostas Tsiaras, Stylianos Somarakis, Shin-Ichi Ito, Bernard A. Megrey

  • Fish distribution predictions from different points of view: comparing associative neural networks, geostatistics and regression models
    Andreas Palialexis, Stratis Georgakarakos, Ioannis Karakassis, Konstadia Lika, Vasilis D. Valavanis

  • Identification of subpopulations in pelagic marine fish species using amino acid composition
    Isabel Riveiro, Castor Guisande, Pilar Iglesias, Gualtiero Basilone, Angela Cuttitta, Ana Giraldez, Bernardo Patti, Salvatore Mazzola, Angelo Bonanno, Alba-Ruth Vergara, Isabel Maneiro

  • Patterns of investment in reproductive and somatic tissues in the loliginid squid Loligo forbesii and Loligo vulgaris in Iberian and Azorean waters
    Jennifer M. Smith, Graham J. Pierce, Alain F. Zuur, Helen Martins, M. Clara Martins, Filipe Porteiro, Francisco Rocha

  • Temporal and ontogenetic variation in the diet of squid (Loligo forbesii Streenstrup) in Scottish waters
    Sansanee Wangvoralak, Lee C. Hastie, Graham J. Pierce

  • Prediction of marine species distribution from presence to absence acoustic data: comparing the fitting efficiency and the predictive capacity of conventional and novel distribution models
    Andreas Palialexis, Stratis Georgakarakos, Ioannis Karakassis, Konstadia Lika, Vasilis D. Valavanis

  • Spatial management of the Mediterranean bottom-trawl fisheries: the case of the southern Aegean Sea
    George Tserpes, Evangelos Tzanatos, Panagiota Peristeraki

  • Contrasting multispecies patterns in larval fish production trace inter-annual variability in oceanographic conditions over the N.E. Aegean Sea continental shelf (Eastern Mediterranean)
    Stylianos Somarakis, Alexis Ramfos, Andreas Palialexis, Vasilis D. Valavanis

  • An overview of commercial fishers’ attitudes towards marine protected areas
    Cristina Pita, Graham J. Pierce, Ioannis Theodossiou, Karen Macpherson

  • Functional diversity and species turnover of benthic invertebrates along a local environmental gradient induced by an aquaculture unit: the contribution of species dispersal ability and rarity
    Charalampos Dimitriadis, Drosos Koutsoubas

  • Fishery discards and bycatch: solutions for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management?
    Jose M. Bellido, M. Begona Santos, M. Grazia Pennino, Xulio Valeiras, Graham J. Pierce